Our Technology

SmartSense is a common platform which enables power utilities engage with their high revenue generating customers and at the same time enable these customers with Energy Efficiency.

Completely Wireless



Fits to existing Infrastructure

Secure Cloud

can be accessed from anywhere


Proactive Actions

User friendly Dashboard

Ease of access across all levels


Advanced Analytics


Our real time energy optimization link.


SmartSense hosts various algorithms as needed by an industrial and commercial customer to manage their energy consumption and asset utilization better. The Algorithms are evolving as we have more data, customers, industrial verticals and assets on our platform. Our test labs allow us to simulate un-optimized scenario’s, failure conditions and by virtue of this machine learning algorithms we provide better insights and help customers carry out proactive maintenance of their assets

Architecture Diagram

SmartSense platform is able to access data from any sensor be it power or physical parameter. We can access asset level data from individual devices to be put up on our cloud hosted platform to enable data visualization. Apart from this, the data is passed through our proprietary set of algorithms to provide more insights about the performance of your plant, thereby enabling you to take better and more informed decisions.