Smart cities require Smart Utilities and empowered consumers!

Commercial buildings and Industries are major energy consumers of any utility, and it becomes imperative for any distribution utility to increase engagement with these consumers through advanced tools. To usher in higher consumer engagement, SmartSense enables utilities with advanced analytics on energy consumption and billing of these consumers. SmartSense empowers them to take decisions on customer billing, grievances and outages, thus creating customers who consume smartly.

Smartsense also provides utilities with distribution health monitoring analytics, such as Smart Transformer analytics for electricity networks, helping them reduce Distribution losses and increased life of assets.

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   Effective and Smart Utility

  • Improved ability to manage Key large Customers
  • Ability to engage with Customers for Energy Efficiency and peak Load Management
  • Ability to detect network health and Costs and Billing Management
  • Does not require any additional infrastructure, plugs into existing system

    Happy Customers

  • Access to real time energy consumption thus ability to do cost management
  • Ability to access power consumption details from any internet enabled device
  • Analytics for Demand Side Management including TOD management, penalty reduction, etc.
  • Ability to communicate with the Discom

SmartSense helps distribution companies engage with their industrial and commercial consumers to increase customer satisfaction, providing analytics on their energy bills and help the utility communicate with the consumers better. This allows utilities better their revenue realization

SmartSense Skyview provides the utilities a consolidated view of large energy consumers enabling them manage their demands better and be DR (Demand Response) ready. Skyview also enables utilities manage their assets better.

SmartSense enables root cause analysis of failure and tells you exactly what to do to increase efficiency. SmartSense moves you from scheduled maintenance to preventive maintenance. SmartSense alerts you in case of deteriorating health of transformers.