Customer Speak

Every aspect of the project, right from the User Interface till the customised analytics has been one of the most comprehensive energy data management and optimization solution I have ever seen.

STI Sanoh

SmartSense has been able to improvise our energy savings exceptionally well.  SmartSense is an ideal product for consumers such as us, and we strongly recommend SmartSense for all Industrial Customers.


We have been involved with few energy monitoring and controlling systems in the past but I can truthfully say that the involvement of Ecolibrium through SmartSense solutions in the recent months has been the most useful and technologically advanced. SmartSense has given us the ability to analyse our data like we have not been able to do before.

Signode India

With SmartSense we have been able to keep an efficient check on the electrical consumption and irregularities in the plant which is benefiting us. We are going to install the same platform at our other locations.

Mahindra & Mahindra

SmartSense has been a very cost effective solution for us. SmartSense has created a new benchmark for our energy efficiency practices at Laxcon Steels. We are delighted to recommend SmartSense for.

Laxcon Steels Limited

We would like to appreciate the efforts of the team for developing such an innovative product which effectively & smartly, manage energy in Industrial plants/Commercial buildings. SmartSense helped us identify ghost consumption which we could arrest.

Hitachi Home and Life Solutions

SmartSense’s Analytic engine help us understand our load pattern, optimized our power purchase strategy identified leakages in our factory. We have managed to save every month after installing SmartSense.

Orpat Group

Some of our Case Studies

SmartSense has been installed across multiple domains and locations. Currently our servers handle almost 90 Million data points on a daily basis from more than 1500 nodes. Know more about how we have generated savings of 5%-25% across multiple sectors.