Engineering – Harsha Engineers

0.6 Million savings with 8 month ROI:-

Harsha Engineers are the leading manufacturer of ball-bearing cages with production facilities in India and China.  They implemented SmartSense in the Indian plant and activated the generation of daily reports, as well as sending alerts whenever an anomaly to norm was identified.

The Ecolibrium Impact 

By better understanding how their plant operated and how they used their resources Harsha Engineers were able to:

  1. Identify that 2 compressors were found to consume more energy than their rated power
  2. Detect leakages in the compressed air line
  3. Discover lower efficiency of 2 compressors, which was rectified and later resulted in a standard practice of conducting regular FAD tests
  4. Considering 320 days annual operation the estimated savings are Rs. 6,83,920 per year.