Ceramics – Asian Granito

Saves Rs.0.7 Million annually:-

Asian Granito is a leading manufacturer of floor and wall tiles and supplies large infrastructure projects in Asia. They installed SmartSense and utilised the analytics feature to automate their energy monitoring process.

The Ecolibrium Impact

By better understanding how their plant operated and how they used their resources Asian Granito were able to:

  1. Improve power factor through the installation of power factor correction to reduce line losses in the plant and ultimately reduce energy consumption.
  2. Reduce compressed air leakage through better monitoring and testing; it was estimated that leakages in compressed air line were more than 20%.
  3. Reduce energy consumption in the polishing line; consumption was still 30kW and it was identified that the polishing line pumps were not turned off even when the line was not in operation.

Achieve a reduction in power consumption equivalent to roughly Rs. 0.7 Million per year with an ROI of less than 6 months.